Full Length Plays

Synopsis and Characters

Gaming On Sacred Ground


Three, television watching, junk food eating, world wrestling aficionado siblings are thrust into leadership positions within a Native American tribe. The return of their negligent mother force the three to determine if this sweet reunion is a connection of the heart or simply a grab at the bottom line. 


 ALMA    Female mid 20’s. One fourth Native American, Oldest sibling. She    believes hard work will get you were you want to go. Cautious with buried scars of a traumatic childhood.

THOR     Male early 20’s, fraternal twin of Otto. One-fourth Native American. Dreams of wrestling in a World Wrestling organization. Kind-hearted, genuine but slightly naive, older twin by thirty minutes.

OTTO     Male, early 20’s, fraternal twin of Thor. Has innate talent as a speaker when he puts his mind to it. Enthusiastic, genuine but slightly naive.

SIMONE   Female, 35 – 50. Attorney oversees Grandma’s will.

BUBBLES    Female 45 - 60, half Native American. She is the mother of Alma, Thor and Otto.  Has a fondness for whiskey and men. Once attractive but hard living has left its mark. She now lives as travelling carnival worker.


TINY          Male, 40 – 60, large man. Boyfriend of Bubbles. Often reacts physically when feeling hurt or ridiculed. Works on a travelling carnival show with Bubbles.

GRANDMA   Dead. Elderly woman appears as a ghost and a 40 year old version of herself in a flashback.

TV ANNOUNCER      Voice only.

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It Will Be A Long Night Without Something Sweet


A quintessential American male at his evolutionary dead-end, with disappearing medical benefits, needs his girlfriend to marry him. The creepy new roommate with cloying sensitivity has his own plans though. A dead mother emerges and encourages her son’s unsettling actions. A psychological war for affection surfaces that leads down a dark pit where personal needs lead to unspeakable acts.



Female 30 – 50 years of age. Janice is kind-hearted. She has no identity of her own but is defined by misplaced guilt around her father’s death. She can’t see a future for herself that is any

better than what she is living. It has become easier for her to accept another person’s way for her

than forge her own future. She longs for security.


Male 30 – 50. Elliot’s voice was stolen from him by his mother at a young age. Elliot sees and communicates to the memory of his mother and imagines conversations between her and others. He longs to be mentally healthy, but remains fractured and fearful. A lot of his energy goes into holding his anger and fear within. He is socially awkward. Elliot is a ticking bomb.


Male 30 – 55. American male at his evolutionary dead-end: fused helplessly to his easy chair, like some grotesque hybrid, desperately trying to camouflage his impotence with tough talk, a laptop and his remote. Hank is controlling and manipulative. Hank is miserable and filled with resentment. Hank depends on Janice for most of his day to day needs. This character is obese. Because he remains seated for almost the entire play, padding and a blanket should add girth if the actor isn’t very heavy set.


Woman 30 – 60. Mother is real only in Elliot’s mind. She must be the center of attention and uses physical appearance to draw attention to her. Her interaction with others is often inappropriately provocative. She is dramatic, theatrical with exaggerated expressions of emotion. Mother exhibits narcissistic tendencies. If possible she sits on a file cabinet or chest of drawer. It is these drawers she opens to pull out props to emphasis her points.


Woman, 30 – 50. Mary Catherine is conservative Christian, and wants the best for her son, Hank, as long as it fits her view of the world. This character can be played by same actress of MOTHER.

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Hardened Criminals


Tom and Julie are long married and coping with the pain of their daughter’s poor choices. It takes an odd combination of Tom’s work at the hospital coming under scrutiny and a moment of tenderness to spark an idea in Tom that burns to a rage.  He becomes a fury of change which Julie struggles to accept. This unexpected departure from his integrity creates God like deliverance and painful estrangement between all the people Tom interacts with. He forces his daughter into a coma, alienates his wife by his deceptions and ultimately eliminates the man he found unacceptable. 


TOM:     Late 40s to early 60s years old. Father to Beth. Married to Julie. Tom is logical, practical, and caring.  Anesthesiologist at the local hospital and enjoys his work.


JULIE:     Late 40s to early 60s years old. Mother to Beth. Married to Tom. Julie is a competent counselor that can’t resolve her own relationship with her daughter.

BETH:     Late 20s. Beth possesses everything to be, successful, in the upper middle class sense of the word. She fell in love with the “wrong” type of man and her life became a downward spiral. She is a heroin addict and mother of two children.

NATE:            Late 20s – early 30s. Nate was raised on the streets with an addict mother. He is cunning, violent and charming as needed. He is the father of Beth’s two children.

SHARON:      Hospital administrator that works in the pharmacy department. Her people skills

are lacking. She is persistence and takes pride in her work.

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Deimos Raising


True to Noir, yet catapulted into the competitive world of video game development, this blade laden thriller will keep you guessing.  Joel and Ericka are under the gun, and the knife, to bring their new game to market.  Clever foes desperate to save their souls stop at nothing to eliminate Julia Deimos and her bloodline.  Is it a video game or something more?  Deadlines, lust, family secrets and love are all at stake with the final outcome guided by the hand that clutches the blood stained sword.


QUINBY   Stout older woman, late 50’s. Female version of the Godfather. Cursed.

ERICKA  Female, late 20’s short hair, pixie in combat boots and overalls. Fight designer on video games and Quinby’s niece. Cursed

JOEL   Male late 20’s, bit nerdy, more comfortable with technology and         computers than people

JULIA    Femme Fatale of Film Noir genre. Heroine of video game world. Julia does lots of fighting.

ACE   Tough guy from Film Noir genre.

AKIDA    Desert warrior, snake like qualities.

HARBU   Desert warrior, snake like qualities

BEAT 1   Beatnik assassin, street performer

BEAT 2    Beatnik assassin, street performer

BEAT 3    Beatnik assassin, street performer

GUNNHILDR    Viking warrior, proud to defend her family’s name, ax is her weapon

ZETA   Future robotic being.

VICTOR   Evil killer, from French royalty, cunning

GOGGLES  Victor/Victoria servant

Holy Bum    Ericka’s shadow posing as an Easter Egg in the video game.

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Bingo  and my Mother


An angry young women finds herself stuck living with her perpetually sunny bingo playing mother. Frantic to escape her living situation the women decides to rob the local bingo hall. She soon realizes successfully dodging the Moldovian Mafia, Holy Redeemer’s Father Chuck and Daisy, the singing drag queen bingo caller, proves to be harder than originally anticipated. The play is designed for audience interaction with four short bingo games. This heartwarming comedy with audience participation shows how the universal game of bingo brings a dysfunctional family together.


ATHENA       Early 20’s. Unresolved anger over her father’s death.  Looking for the easy way out, lives with her mother.

PEARL           Mother of Athena. Good natured women in her early 50’s. Sunny personality enjoys the little things in life.

JOHN              Pearl’s gay older brother, mid 50’s supportive of Pearl, doesn’t get along with Athena.                                           

JOSE               Athena’s boyfriend. Early 20’s Hispanic hardworking dishwasher. Spanish  accent.

BERTHA        Mid 40’s wears polyester, overweight, welfare, lives in a trailer, three children with three  different fathers.

The following characters (the Bingo callers throughout the play) are to be played by the same actor. 

FATHER MCGREGOR Catholic priest 60’s, nearing retirement and bored with his church duties.


OKSANA       Women 40’s, Russian immigrant, mafia-ish, Russian accent.

MISS DAISY    Cross Dresser age unknown, personality similar to Doris Day.

ELVIS PARSLEY      “Older” Elvis impersonator.