Innovative, Disturbing and Humorous

2018 Productions

* Barbie and Ken go to School, Phoenix Theatre, Edmonds, WA
* Out of the Darkness, Theatre Battery, Kent, WA
* What’s Your Thing? Faith and Begorra, Drunken Owl Theatre,  Seattle, WA
* Mel and Mona, Out of the Box Theatre, Georgia
* Love on the Sewer Pipe, Broadway Comedy Club, New York, NY

2017 Productions

Baby Jesus Does Not Kill Ninja Zombies, St Joseph Catholic School, Illinois
Waiting for the Oatmeal to Cool, Monologue.  Forked Theatre, United Kingdom
Worry Wort, Gi60
Love on a Sewer Pipe, Fact Reading Series, New York
Hardened Criminals, Public Reading, Wade James Theatre, Edmonds, WA

2016 Productions

Faith and Begorra, Copper Pint Celtic Calling Virginia
The Blankie, Monologue. Troubadour Driftwood Players, Edmonds, WA
Tampered, Warp Theatre, Seattle, WA
The Birthday Present, Seoul Players, Seoul Korea
Mysterious Wonderland, Alpha NYC Theatre, NYC
The Birthday Present, Changing Scenes, Northwest, Tacoma, WA
Acne, Time to Go, GI60 Brooklyn, NY
Momma Says, Mildred Umbrella, Museum of Dysfunction, Houston, TX
Deluxe Mix, Stage Left Theatre, Fast and Furious, Spokane, WA
Tampered, Warp Theater, Seattle, WA
The Birthday Present, Onion Man Productions, Lakeside Plays, GA
The Music of Love, Onion Man Productions, Lakeside Plays, GA

2015 Productions

Simone & the Saint, Alpha NYC Theatre, NYC

Human Play, Theatre Battery, Sleep Is For The Weak, 24 hour Play Fest, Kent, WA     

Third Grade Werewolf, Monologue. Crooked Heart Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Nuncupo, North Park Playwright Fest, San Diego, CA

Momma Says, You Are What You Eat, Pocket Theatre, Seattle, WA

Third Grade Werewolf, Monologue. Troubadour Driftwood Players, Edmonds,WA

Momma Says, Studio4Seattle, Summer Ain’t Over, Seattle, WA

2015 Continued

Fish Queen, Seattle Play Series, Seattle WA

It Will Be A Long Night Without Something Sweet, Staged Reading, Driftwood Players,  Edmonds, WA

Heartland Votes, Stage Z, Seattle, WA

Fish Queen, NW10, Eugene, OR

2014 Productions

Dragons, Diamond and Pearls, 10-minute musical, Theatre Battery, Kent WA
Moves Like Jagger, Slam Boston, Open Theatre Project, Boston, MA
Love On A Sewer Pipe, Words and Wine, New York City, NY
Moves Like Jagger, Vox Feminia, Pandora Theatre, Houston, TX
Moves Like Jagger, Warner International Play Fest, Torrington, CT
Heartland Votes, Playhouse Creatures Theatre, New York City, NY
*Gaming On Sacred Ground, Workshop and Reading, Theatre Battery, Kent, WA

2013 Productions

Jesus Came Down A Chimney, Sleep is for the Weak 24-hour play festival, Battery  Theatre, Kent, WA

Mysterious Wonderland, Blip 3.0, Your Name Here Queer Theatre, New York City, NThe Holiday Letter, Mirror Xmas show, Hollywood, CA

The Holiday Letter, OnStage Atlanta, Decatur, GA

Love On A Winter Wind, Quannapowitt Players, Boston

Third Grade Werewolf, Monologue. Thistle Dew Radio broadcast Heartland Votes, Boxfest, Detroit, MI

The Blankie, Monologue. East Haddam Stage Company, CT

Steam Rats, Gi60, New York

Fat Man, Finalist, American Association of Community Theatre New Play Fest

The Raspberry, Published in Scenes From a Diverse World. ICWP

Teaching Aliens to Upcycle, Reader Theatre, Westside School. Seattle, WA

2012 Productions

* Fat Man, Staged Reading. Aloha Performing Arts company Original Play Fest,  Hawaii
* Love On a Winter’s Wind, Gettin’ Figgy with it. Phoenix Theatre, IN.
* The Blankie, Monologue. BoxFest, Detroit
* It’s Not Like It’s a Cat, BoxFest Detroit
* Operation Sweet Dreams, Salem Theatre Company–Moments of Play
* The Sharpie, 2012 FVCC 10 Min Play Festival, Montana
* The Blankie, A monologue, Insignificant Theatre, London, UK
* The Blankie, Published.  Jac Publishing.
* The Couch, Short & Sweet Festival, Sydney, Australia
* The Couch, Drama-Rama-Thon, Houston, TX
* New Nation’s Capitol, Reader Theatre performed at Westside School.

2011 Productions

* Operation Sweet Dreams, 2011   Heideman Award Finalist,

* Operation Sweet Dreams, Universal   Theatre Festival, Provincetown MA

* Operation Sweet Dreams, Double XX   Fest, Seattle, WA

* Two, Bill & Peggy Hunt Playwright     Festival, Burien, WA

* Mysterious Wonderland, Stage Q,   Queer  Shorts, Madison, WI

* Mysterious Wonderland, Fancy Pants   Theatre, Gay-La, Kalamazoo MI

* Mysterious Wonderland, Women’s     Theatre Project, Best of the Fest. 

 Girl Play Lesbian Theatre Festival, Fort Lauderdale, FL

* Operation Sweet Dreams, The Chiriqui Players, Boquete, Panama