Short Plays

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Mel and Mona

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Cast: 2 women, ages 35 to 55

Two dutiful sisters plan a birthday celebration for their mother. Unfortunately, the present the women give her does not come wrapped in pretty paper.

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Operation Sweet Dream

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Cast: 1 Man, age 60 - 80
Cast:  1 Woman, age 60 - 80

Joan and Vernon have settled into a simple low key retirement. A sudden change has the couple reinstate Operation Sweet Dream.  Peeing of the back deck and not wearing panties to book club meetings seems easy now compared to getting bodies out of Mexico

Heartland Votes

Cast: 1 Woman early 20's

          1 Man age range 55 to 75

          1 Man 30's

Desperate to attract the important LBGT vote a senator’s aide tries to buy a homosexual friend for a photo opportunity.

Baby Jesus Does Not Kill Ninja Zombies

Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, 2015.

AYDEN      A seven year old boy. He has two older brothers so Ayden sometimes acts and says things more worldly than his age. He usually doesn’t really understand the meaning of what he says.  Ayden is all boy he likes to play and pretend.

SOPHIA     A seven year old girl. Sophia is precocious, super smart, “knows” the right and the wrong way things should be done. She is an only child. She is a copy of her mother, and the mother must be a righteous pain in the butt, a judgmental know it all.

EMMA       A seven year old girl. Emma is easy going, fun loving, likes to play pretend, not overly girly. She comes from a family with lots of children. She is the peace keeper between these neighborhood friends.

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Love On A Sewer Pipe

Cast: 1 Man (cockroach)

         1 Woman (cockroach)

The love doctor is the roach to visit when the flames of desire weaken between cockroach partners. A randy husband and a resentful wife scurry to the doctor in hopes of saving their relationship.

The Sharpie

AMBER.……..21 – 25 emotionally young, neurotic and possessive of her boyfriend. Desires well manicured home and babies.

BRAD.……… 21 – 28 a bit nerdy, hard working, not much experience with women. 

The quest for a perfect relationship leads a young woman to re-create her boyfriend’s past

The Couch


LEO…Older brother, age range 29 – 55.

DARIO….Younger brother, age range 28 – 50. Needs to look a couple years younger than Leo.

Disposing of their dead mother’s couch forces two brothers to confront the secrets long hidden in its cushions.

Published: ICWP Diversity Scenes Anthology

MARY:       Female, early 80’s
TYRONE:   Male, teenager from the "hood”.

Shoved into a retirement home a feisty and angry octogenarian faces her birthday alone. It’s a teenage worker and modern technology that shoves the resistant birthday girl back into embracing life.

Tuna and Tea


HIROSHI:       30 – 50 years old. Business man. Intensely driven by his desire to be promoted at work.                  

KEIKO:         30 – 50 years old. Homeless woman poorly grounded   in reality.

MARTA:         30 – 50 years old. Long time girlfriend of Hiroshi, frustrated relationship is going nowhere.

POLICE:        Generic police person. (Marta actor could play police role.)

A homeless woman who sneaked into a man's house and lived undetected in his closet for a year was arrested in Japan after he became suspicious when food mysteriously began disappearing.

What Is Your Thing?


BETTY:      Woman.  40 - 60. Mousy, perhaps plump, a little shy.

ADAM:      Man.  40 - 60. Slightly nerdy and nervous but attracted to Betty.

A slightly suggestive and quirky play, What’s Your Thing? opens right after Adam’s disaster of an attempt at a first kiss. The audience eavesdrops on the first date of Adam and Betty as they awkwardly share their first kiss stories of yesteryear. Betty slowly reveals her odd fetish while Adam succumbs to curiosity.